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Who is kate's garden suitable for?




Our nature-based one-to-one work is likely to have a positive effect on all children and adolescents. They will be given emotional support whilst they explore and play. They can discover, exercise, learn and grow - helping them formulate a sense of self & fostering improvements in confidence and self-esteem.


Troubled, struggling children, those with anxiety, lack of confidence, fear of loss, social exclusion, intrusive thoughts, feelings of rivalry, or those going through bereavement, or with a recent or historical trauma/abuse, may benefit most.

Some areas we deal with


ADD and ADHD                                                                    





Asperger's syndrome


Attachment disorder




Behaviour problems




Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)










Eating disorders


Gender dysphoria


Learning difficulties


LGBTQ related


Low self-confidence


Low self-esteem




Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)


Passive-aggressive behaviour


School refusal




Separation anxiety




Suicidal thoughts

This list is not exhaustive

Please contact us should you wish to discuss individual symptoms to see whether we can help.

Parent/carer work

Would you like help understanding your child’s (and your own) emotions and behaviours from a qualified psychodynamic psychotherapist?


In our one-to-one sessions, we help you observe, reflect, and better understand your child’s behaviours and emotions, and your own. With our support you can more helpfully respond and repair ruptures, build a stronger relationship and positively impact your child’s wellbeing and long-term mental health.  


You may be a parent-to-be (or considering it) and wish to explore your feelings and emerging relationship with your unborn. Perhaps there have been difficulties conceiving, losses, or other traumas. Perhaps you feel unsure how you will connect with your baby, or whether you will be ‘good enough’?


This is a safe, non-judgemental, containing, private service for individuals/couples/families who wish to explore their relationship with their infant/child/teenager or unborn with a trained professional. 


schools, colleges, and universities

We work closely with local primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, offering counselling, nature-based/eco therapy, equine/ animal assisted therapy and a wide range of therapeutic interventions. Through considered consultation with parents and schools, we tailor bespoke programmes for individual children and/or groups. Kate has over 15 years experience in the education sector working with, and supporting, a variety of groups, including large-scale projects, consultations with teachers, and teacher CPD.

Individuals and groups can come to Kate’s Garden, or we can come to you at your establishment. Kate can also support school staff – exploring and reflecting on feelings around a specific class, issues regarding exclusion or school refusal, helping support classes through a traumatic experience, and/or exploring group dynamics of the school. Psychodynamic theory underpins all Kate’s work. Her extensive work background means she has a realistic and supportive understanding of the challenges and needs of a variety of educational settings. Kate has a DBS check and is happy to undertake any additional checks your establishment requires.


Psychodynamic and psychoanalytic therapies are empirically validated as valuable approaches for a wide range of clients. Consistent finding in research is that clients make considerable improvement long after treatment has ended. Initial assessments, alongside pre, mid and end of counselling questionnaires, help measure the impact of the intervention. The translation of therapeutic gains into home and school life is a main aim. 


Kate also provides group sessions, consultations, and teacher CPD which can be tailored to your requirements. Please contact us about these services. One-to-one counselling places can be funded through charitable organisations, councils, EHCPs or private means.


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