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"We searched for a long time to find the type of therapy that could help our daughter. We had tried so many other forms of therapy but nothing seemed to be really helping her deal with what she struggles with in life. Her challenges are complicated and [other therapies] were not suited to her. There was so a pressure around those: I think she felt something was wrong with her instead of feeling empowered and able to take on a world full of challenges and exist happily in it. These outdoor sessions with Kate are something she values hugely. She looks forward to them. I’d go as far as to say she loves them."

"our scared, anxious 12 year-old daughter is now growing emotionally and becoming more confident in so many different ways. From not being able to walk along a street even with her family around her, to riding the streets on her bike with friends, and sometimes even alone. She can even get on a bus with a friend now. She’s become incredibly insightful and self aware, and is gradually returning to the crazy, fun-loving girl we remembered from before anxiety took over her life"


"I think the best thing is that it’s about the child. Because Kate offers so many different options and approaches that there is likely going to be something they feel connected with and like it’s their choice. They aren’t being told to play with something or draw something: it’s up to the child ... I think this helps them feel empowered and helps them enjoy their time with Kate and therefore benefit so much more from it. "

"Kate spent time talking to us on the phone and showing us round to make sure we were comfortable before going ahead. We had regular opportunities to discuss our child’s progress and the results have been positive."

"We looked for a long time to find something to suit our anxious, complicated daughter and we were so relieved to find Kate and her garden. It’s such a beautiful, nurturing place. My daughter would live there if she could. It’s the best decision we could have made on our daughter’s behalf."

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