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what we do

nature-based Psychotherapy


How is it unique?

With the freedom to work both indoors and out, children can truly be led by their interests and mood - key to encouraging free expression.


Counselling flows wherever and however your child feels comfortable. Here, children can explore the wonderful world around them and find their place within it.


what is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy helps bring the unconscious mind into consciousness. The issue is understood and treated, rather than just the symptom. This way change is significant, deep rooted, and long-term. 

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WHY outdoors?

Kate’s Garden provides a unique opportunity to at once benefit from psychotherapy and being in nature. Nature’s playground is the ideal setting to do the important therapeutic work. Being connected to nature can reduce illnesses; improve mood; benefit mental wellbeing; and restore attention capacity.


Why Animals?

Our animal therapy partners provide a positive presence without judgement. They can calm and help children better engage with the work. Each animal has their own characteristics - these serve as good metaphors for our own feelings and behaviours. Children can relate to the animals in a way which helps us understand what is going on for them.


WHY art?

Arts-assisted therapy is an instinctive and important part of what we offer here at Kate's Garden. When we create something, we cannot help but put parts of ourselves into that thing. 

Thoughts and feelings around difficult topics which might not be able to be verbalized, or even consciously thought about, can be gradually expressed and discussed through art and creativity.

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