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Equine-assisted therapy

Equine-assisted therapy is a broad term for therapeutic work involving equines. Our Miniature Shetland therapy ponies are a particularly significant part of Kate’s Garden. They are very loving, happy ponies who live on a track system- providing a lovely natural environment with lots of foraging opportunities. They are incredibly curious and enjoy interacting with children. 


Equines have an instinctive and honest reaction to people. Facilitated interaction with our ponies complements the psychodynamic work we do. It helps create a non-threatening environment for revealing the authentic self. The ponies mirror back our emotions to us – and so know what we are feeling even if we do not. Working with the ponies can be very good for emotional growth and learning.


Equine-assisted therapy and animal-assisted therapy is currently unregulated. This is partly why there are so many places offering ‘animal therapy’ and ‘pony therapy’. It is important to find someone experienced and qualified who can help your child therapeutically. Kate has the professional qualifications to help your child. Any engagement with the animals here at Kate’s Garden is included in the session and is in addition to Kate’s full training as a psychodynamic psychotherapist. She is a member of BACP and adheres to their code of ethics. Kate is also a member of the Equine Assisted & Facilitated Practitioner’s Network and adheres to their code of conduct and ethics.

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