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Kate's Garden

Kate’s Garden (formerly Elle's Garden) is a Therapeutic Practice with a difference. Located in a private setting in the beautiful and natural woodland environment of Friday Woods, near Colchester, the unique psychodynamic counselling we provide children and young people (up to 25 yrs) utilises the outdoors, nature, animals, art, and play. Freedom of choice is key, and clients can choose whether they go indoors or out and what they engage in during the session. This places the individual experience at the heart of the healing, can help people feel at ease, and speed up the process substantially.


Our setting is extensive, and with the freedom to work both indoors and out, children can truly be led by their interests and mood - key to encouraging free expression.

Children may choose to utilise the homely yet spacious therapy playroom, small sensory room, incredible 2-acre woodland and meadow, or engage with the many animals which live within the grounds. The counselling flows wherever and however your child feels comfortable.  With so much space and so many opportunities, the choice is theirs.

The confines of a traditional setting might not suit some children.  At Kate’s Garden, children make choices without pressure or restriction. Here, children can explore the wonderful world around them and find their place within it.

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